Blur LT Trail - 140mm VPP Travel

Continuing the evolution of the do-it-all trailbike, the Blur LT has received some new tweaks to keep the evergreen contender ahead of the pack. The 140mm travel VPP® suspension cradled in a durable and respectably light frame has been upgraded via reworked top and downtubes for greater strength, and the addition of an offset lower link and an ISCG mount.

The ISCG mount allows for more versatility when mounting chainguides, the new lower link features recessed grease ports, ensuring that one of the all-time versatile trailbikes stays at the front of the dust cloud.

Frame Features

  • Hydroformed aluminum frame
  • VPP® suspension
  • 140mm travel
  • Dropper post friendly cable routing
  • ISCG05 mount
  • Grease ports
  • Angular contact bearings
  • Offset lower link
  • Frame weight with Fox RP23 Air rear shock - Approx 6.6lbs

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Tech Data



Blur LT Geometry
Based on 529mm axle-to-crown, 15mm HS stack
Frame SizeTop Tube Length*Seat Tube LengthHead Tube AngleSeat Tube AngleBB HeightWheelbaseHead Tube LengthChainstay LengthStandover HeightReachStack
Small 21.5" 16.0" 67.6° 71.6° 13.8" 42.2" 3.9" 17.0" 28.0" 14.1" 22.5"
Medium 22.5" 17.0" 67.6° 71.6° 13.8" 43.2" 4.3" 17.0" 28.2" 15.0" 22.8"
Large 23.5" 19.5" 67.6° 71.6° 13.8" 44.3" 4.7" 17.0" 28.9" 15.9" 23.2"
X-Large 24.5" 20.5" 67.6° 71.6° 13.8" 45.3" 5.5" 17.0" 29.7" 16.7" 24.0"

* Effective top tube
** Seat Tube length measured from center of BB to top of seat tube

Size Guide

Can I put a chainguide on my new Blur LT.2?

Yes, the Blur LT accepts a chainguide. Newer Blur LT frames come with ISCG05 tabs and an offset lower link for worry-free guide installation. We have good experience with the following guides: E13 LG1 TR MRP Lopes MRP Mini G SL The newer Blur LT frames with ISCG tabs work quite well with double guides as well. We have good experiences wtih the following guides: E13 TRS+ Dual MRP 2x Older Blur LT frames are a bit more difficult to install dual guides, and will require a good bit of modification to the guide.

What size headset does the Blur LT use?

This bike uses a tapered headset- which have many different configurations these days. Ours uses a standard (external) 1.5" lower cup, and a semi-integrated 1 1/8" upper. The semi-integrated upper headset is a pretty standard size these days- we use the 44mm ID standard. As all of us frame manufacturers seem to be using slightly different configurations with tapered headtubes, these headsets are custom items. We will offer options from Chris King and Cane Creek in our kits, and also as an option with your frame purchase.

It looks like the lower link is off center in my frame- is everything ok?

Yes- this is correct. With our newer pivot system, the pivot axle draws the link over to one side in order to properly preload the bearings. This offset is accounted for in the frame design so everything ends up nice and straight in the end.

What size front derailleur do I need?

A Shimano 34.9mm top swing/ top pull. Anything but saint should do the job.

What size shock does the Blur LT.2 use?

8.5" x 2.5" (216x 63mm)
The mounting hardware is 22mm wide with an 8mm through hole.

What size fork should I use?

Anything between 140mm and 160mm is ideal. 140mm forks will give the bike a more xc feel, with quicker handling and lighter weight. Using a 160mm fork will have a more “all mountain" feel and a more confidence inspiring ride on technical trails. Anything with more travel than 160mm will handle poorly and void your warranty

What size seatpost do I need?

The Blur LT uses a 30.9mm seatpost. Make sure it is always inserted a minimum of 4" (100mm)

What size seat collar do I need?

34.9mm (supplied with frame)

What size BB do I need?

The Blur LT uses a 73mm bottom bracket shell, and a 50mm chainline. Pretty much any of the newer external bottom bracket cranks will mount up without issue. The Truvativ Stylo and Shimano Deore XT are our favorites. If you are using ISIS, you need a 73x113mm bottom bracket.

What size tire will fit in the Blur LT.2?

Depending greatly on brand, somewhere between 2.3" and 2.5" is the max.

What size rotor can I use?

We recommend a 160mm or 185mm rotor. A 203mm will fit if you must!¦

What kind of rear hub do I need?

Any standard 135x10mm hub will do the trick.

What is up with the extra cable stops on the right side of the top tube?

We added in some cable stops on the underside of the top tube for a Gravity Dropper or Crank Brothers Joplin adjustable seatpost. No more unsightly zipties. A lot of us are big believers in these posts; give one a try if you haven't already.