Highball / XC 29er - Hardtail

WMB Test Winner

Taking the swift and light intent of our 29" wheeled carbon Highball and crafting it out of aluminum, we’ve added a couple very notable other features: value and versatility.

The proprietary aluminum tubing allows for a strong, respectably light frame, and features the same responsive geometry as our carbon race bike. There are some swank new rear dropouts that allow riders the option of running a fixed position for geared use, or a pivoting, adjustable dropout for single speed use. Clean lines and super-versatility aside, this is also one of our most affordable bikes, redefining the notion of “bang for your buck”.

Frame Features

  • 29” wheels
  • Tough but light hydroformed aluminum frame
  • Choice of fixed or adjustable dropouts
  • Tapered head tube



Frame Geometry Measurement Diagram
Highball Geometry
Based on 505mm axle-to-crown, 13mm HS stack
Frame Size Top Tube Length* Seat Tube Length Head Tube Angle Seat Tube Angle* BB Height Wheelbase Head Tube Length Chainstay Length Standover Height Reach Stack
Small 22.2" 16.0" 70.0° 73.0° 12.2" 41.9" 3.5" 17.3" 28.3" 14.8" 24.2"
Medium 23.0" 17.5" 70.5° 73.0° 12.2" 42.4" 3.9" 17.3" 29.8" 15.5" 24.6"
Large 24.0" 19.5" 70.5° 73.0° 12.2" 43.4" 3.9" 17.3" 31.3" 16.5" 24.6"
X-Large 25.0" 21.0" 70.5° 73.0° 12.2" 44.5" 4.3" 17.3" 32.3" 17.4" 25.0"

* Effective top tube
** Seat Tube length measured from center of BB to top of seat tube

Size Guide

Size Chart

Complete Bikes

All upgrade prices are relative to the standard component price.

Stock Colours:

Build Kit:


Note: 15mm forks are not compatible with D build kits.

Additional Upgrades


approx weight: 1834

note: weights are approximate


What kind of BB do I need for the Highball?

The Highball uses a standard 73mm threaded BB. Most any crank will work.

What front derailleurs are compatible with the Highball?

The Highball requires a 34.9mm bottom swing (high clamp), top pull front derailleur. Pretty much anything except Saint will work.

Can I use XX and other 2x10 cranks?

Yes, the Highball is compatible with all 2x10 and 3x10 cranks that we are aware of- including the 156mm q-factor XX cranks.

What size seatpost does it use?

The Highball uses a 30.9mm seatpost. Make sure it is always inserted into the frame a minimum of 100mm (regardless of where the minimum insert line on the post is).

What kind of headset will I need for my Highball?

The Highball uses a tapered headtube often called "mixed taper". This setup uses a standared 1.5" external lower cup (49mm bore) and an internal 1 1/8" upper cup (44mm bore). Almost all headset manufacturers make this product.

What kind of rear wheel do I need?

The Highball uses a standard 135x10mm rear wheel.

What fork is recommended for the Highball?

In general, we recommend a 100mm fork for the Highball. The angles and BB height were designed to work in this configuration.
If you want to use your Highball as more of a trail bike, you can use a 120mm fork as well. This will slow down the handling and give a bit more descending control.

What size tire will fit?

This will vary depending on tire model and manufacturer, but in general the Highball will accept 2.4" tires.

What is the largest rear brake rotor that I can use?

The Highball will accept up to a 203mm rotor

Can I put a QR seat collar on the Highball?

Absolutely. The frame takes a standard 34.9mm seat collar, so there are plenty of quick releases that will fit. Our favorite is ours, of course. You can purchase it on our online store for $24.

How many water bottle mounts are there on the Highball?

M,L, and XL Highballs have two spots for water bottle cages- one on the top of the downtube, and one on the seat tube.

Small Highballs only have one water bottle mounting location.