Tallboy 110mm VPP Travel - 27.5+ or 29"

  • Frame: £1,599
  • Custom Builds from £2,699

The Tallboy cuts a whole new swath across the trail bike landscape.

As a 27+ bike it revels in the severe. In desert-dry conditions the wider tires float above the dust and find oases of grip where standard tires flounder. And when the monsoon comes, lower tire pressures pull the Tallboy through the slickest of root sections like a Defender on diff-lock.

In its 29-inch form, the Tallboy’s renowned rowdy streak comes to the fore. Happy at full gas, up or down hill, the speed and agility of the 29 configuration will have you bagging on e-bikes at every turn.

A 68 degree head angle and 110mm of VPP travel distills the original Tallboy’s playful character into something all the more mischievous. Longer reach and shorter chainstays fuel that personality, and bring the Tallboy bang up to date with the rest of the Santa Cruz range.

A flip chip on the upper link, combined with either a 130mm fork (for 27+) or 120mm fork (for 29-inch), ensures geometry remains consistent across a vast range of build kits and sizes, from S to XXL.

The versatile trail bike of choice for rapid riders like Greg Minnaar—the Tallboy is for those who don’t roll with the pack. 

This CC-level carbon frame is every bit as stiff and strong as our C-level frames, but weighs about 280 grams less, due to the use of some lighter, stronger, and more expensive carbon fiber. Using this material in key places allowed us to use less material overall, which is what shaves off more than half a pound from the frame. 

110mm Rear Travel in both configurations

Frame Features

  • 110mm VPP™ Suspension
  • 148mm Rear Axle Spacing
  • 29er or 27.5 Plus-Compatible
  • Bottle cage mount
  • Flip-Chip on upper link to maintain geometry in 29” and 27.5+ configurations
  • Integrated Headset
  • Internal carbon tubes ensure precise and hassle-free routing of derailleur and seat post cables
  • Removable front derailleur mount for maximum drivetrain compatibility
  • Threaded Bottom Bracket


29/Low Setting

  S M L XL
Reach 405mm - 15.94" 430mm - 16.93" 450mm - 17.72" 475mm - 18.7"
Stack 594mm - 23.39" 603mm - 23.74" 603mm - 23.74" 617mm - 24.29"
Head Tube Angle 68° 68° 68° 68° 68° 68° 68° 68°
Seat Tube Length 390mm - 15.35" 420mm - 16.54" 450mm - 17.72" 480mm - 18.9"
Front Center 684mm - 26.93" 713mm - 28.07" 733mm - 28.86" 763mm - 30.04"
BB Height 330mm - 12.99" 330mm - 12.99" 330mm - 12.99" 330mm - 12.99"
BB Drop 40mm - 1.57" 40mm - 1.57" 40mm - 1.57" 40mm - 1.57"
Wheelbase 1116mm - 43.94" 1145mm - 45.08" 1165mm - 45.87" 1195mm - 47.05"
Chainstay Length 432mm - 17.01" 432mm - 17.01" 432mm - 17.01" 432mm - 17.01"
Head Tube Length 90mm - 3.54" 100mm - 3.94" 100mm - 3.94" 115mm - 4.53"
Top Tube Length 574mm - 22.6" 603mm - 23.74" 623mm - 24.53" 653mm - 25.71"
Seat Tube Angle 73° 73° 73° 73°
Standover Height 705mm - 27.76" 706mm - 27.8" 707mm - 27.83" 709mm - 27.91"

27.5+/High Setting

  S M L XL  
Reach 403mm - 15.87" 428mm - 16.85" 448mm - 17.64" 473mm - 18.62"
Stack 595mm - 23.43" 605mm - 23.82" 605mm - 23.82" 619mm - 24.37"
Head Tube Angle 68° 68° 68° 68° 68° 68° 68° 68°
Seat Tube Length 390mm - 15.35" 420mm - 16.54" 450mm - 17.72" 480mm - 18.9"
Front Center 687mm - 27.05" 716mm - 28.19" 736mm - 28.98" 767mm - 30.2"
BB Height 328mm - 12.91" 328mm - 12.91" 328mm - 12.91" 328mm - 12.91"
BB Drop 33mm - 1.3" 33mm - 1.3" 33mm - 1.3" 33mm - 1.3"
Wheelbase 1120mm - 44.09" 1148mm - 45.2" 1168mm - 45.98" 1199mm - 47.2"
Chainstay Length 432mm - 17.01" 432mm - 17.01" 432mm - 17.01" 432mm - 17.01"
Head Tube Length 90mm - 3.54" 100mm - 3.94" 100mm - 3.94" 115mm - 4.53"
Top Tube Length 575mm - 22.64" 604mm - 23.78" 624mm - 24.57" 654mm - 25.75"
Seat Tube Angle 73° 73° 73° 73°
Standover Height 702mm - 27.64" 703mm - 27.68" 704mm - 27.72" 706mm - 27.8"

* Effective top tube
** Seat Tube length measured from center of BB to top of seat tube

Size Guide


Complete Bikes

All upgrade prices are relative to the standard component price.

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Additional Upgrades


Can I mount a chainguide to my bike?

Yes, this bike was designed to easily accept a BB mount chainguide. For a more XC setup, you can use top-only guides like the MRP 1x or e13 XCX. For full chainguidance, we recommend the E13 LG1 Tr, MRP Lopes guide or Mini G SL. For dual ring guides, try the E13 TRS+Dual or MRP 2x guides. These should fit with minimal or no modification.

Is the 148x12 derailleur hanger the same as the 142x12 hanger?

No, it's not. We had to make a new derailleur hanger to go with the new dropout. They look similar, but the easiest way to tell them apart is the finish. Our 142x12mm hangers have a bead-blasted finish, while the 148x12mm hangers have a smooth, machined finish. 

What Kind of Front Derailleur do I Need?

The updated versions of the Bronson, 5010, and Tallboy use Shimano side-swing front derailleurs. The names and part numbers are: 

Shimano XT M8020 Side Swing
Shimano XTR M9020D Side Swing

What Kind of Headset Do I Need?

This bike uses an integrated headset with drop-in bearings and molded-in bearing races. The SHIS measurement is IS41 (upper) and IS52 (lower). 

What kind of headset does this bike use?

We use a headset generally referred to as "mixed tapered". This is a 44mm internal upper cup, with an external 49mm lower cup. The SHIS name is ZS44/28.6 EC49/40.

What kind of rear brake adaptor do I need?

This frame uses a standard IS rear brake mount. Just pick your rotor size and order the correct adaptor to go from IS to post mount (all modern brakes).

What size bottom bracket shell does this bike use?

We use a standard 73mm threaded BB. Nearly any crank on the market (besides BB30 cranks) will fit.

What size seatpost do I need?

This bike uses a 31.6mm seatpost.  Always ensure it is inserted into the frame a minimum of 4" (100mm).

What's the Biggest 27.5+ Tire I Can Fit?

2.8in tires fit really nicely, and 3.0s will fit, but they can be a bit tight. If you have a lower-profile tire, and don't see a lot of mud, you can definitely run a 3.0. If you're looking for more aggressive rubber, or ride in muddy conditions regularly, you'll want to stick to 2.8s. 

What's With The Chip?

The reversible chip at the shock mount is designed to maintain the frame's geometry when swapping between standard 29-inch tires and 27.5+ tires. The "Low" setting is designed for 29er use, and the "High" setting for 27.5+. While 27.5+ tires have a diameter that's similar to the 29er tire, it's not quite equal, so reversing the chip is a must to maintain the handling characteristics. 

Flipping the chip to "High" without swapping to 27.5+ tires results in an increase of 3.1mm to bottom bracket height, and an increase of 0.25 degrees to your head and seat angles. 

Suspension SystemVPPTM
Front DerailleurDirect to Frame
Headset/HeadtubeIntegrated (IS41/52)
Seat Post31.6mm
Eye to Eye length7.25in
Fork Compatibility120mm, 130mm
BB ShellStandard
Max Tire Size3.0"
Water Bottle MountsOne, inside main triangle