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BDS Round 3 Llangollen6th JUL 2010

Scott Mears at Llangollen

Llangollen is here and after a win on the same hill last year and coming out the back of a poor result I was eager to get to the top of hill and show everyone I could still do it.

The track was a new track out in the open with a big sprint at top and mega steep dusty turns into a wooded bottom section with step downs and a 100yard sprint to the finish. The setup of pits and track was super good with big names circling the pits and the weather bringing out the hotties.

Saturday practise went well after getting hooked up with a que jump pass and smashing a serious 6 runs in.

Sunday morning came and I was so excited to get a solid time in on the hill. Seeding went steady, pushing turns as hard as possible but saving myself for the final with the pedalling. Seeded 12th.

Scott Mears at Llangollen

Final runs were here and after a strong pedalling start I came into the first few turns with more pace then before. A few feet off in the first turns was in order and I was enjoying the run so much. Most ledges and turns in race runs were different to practise being blown out and deeply rutted, I buzzed off this just flicking roost everywhere and getting the job done. A strong finish and I was in 11th place.

My best British result this season and still even after a puncture at fort William I am sitting 10th overall in the BDS series. mega happy and looking forward to national champs.

Scott Mears at Llangollen

Here's a sweet link to great video of 20+ secs of me racing at the weekend.

Thanks to all sponsor for now, Scottyderg

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