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BDS Round 4 - Moelfre Hall (Scott)10th AUG 2010

Scott Mears - Santa Cruz Privateer

With my World Cup finishing last week I felt it was time to relax a little, start adjusting and getting ready to start winter training and too enjoy the last couple of races a bit more rather than needing to come away with a result, although I still want good results, finishing the season with fun Is also a priority.

First day of practise was pretty wet but the event was organised excellent and with a dry afternoon ahead the practise runs got faster and better.
Moelfre is not really my kind of track as pedally is not the word to describe this track… but with a big addition of some good flowing jumps built by fellow rider Rob Smith the track was mega fun.

Scott Mears - Santa Cruz Privateer

A good nights sleep in the Renault’in with Ad Brayton was in store and we woke up Sunday morning to find it dull but dry which was ideal.

All practise runs went well and with a lot of people injuring themselves seeding was knocked on the head and race runs commenced. I was up at the start getting warmed up and watching Peaty, Beaumont, Gazzy B and the guys smashing golf balls into the welsh valleys, what a hell of a warm up that was!
My run felt pretty fast but with a few stalls up top and the wind knocking me off line I come down and finished a steady 12th, expectations of a top 10 were in my head but with such a fun weekend I settled for 12th. Cersws is next up and still in the top 10 in the series so expect a big one.

Scott Mears - Santa Cruz Privateer

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