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Last Orders: Episode Three19th DEC 2016

North vs South episode from LastOrders

Politics, wealth, beer and tea have divided the United Kingdom for centuries, wars have been fought and blood has been shed deepening the divide between these cultures.

This is Peaty last Orders
Northern Father, Southern Son

Steve Peat is proud of is Sheffield roots and he is not shy about it either. From being named ‘Sheffield Steel’ to his star on the walk of fame and the keys to the city, Peaty is whole heartedly a northerner.

This is Peaty last Orders
Stereotyping is no laughing matter.

Peaty’s legacy in the north spawned a new generation of riders, the likes of ‘Loosedog’ lewis and Rat boy to name a few, equally proud of their northern heritage.

This is Peaty last Orders
"It's a good job the ground's soft like them!" Steve Peat,2016.

A decade ago a young prodigy of Steve rose out of the Surrey Hills of the South, Brendan Fairclough and the S4P crew made their mark on the UK scene.

This is Peaty last Orders
Olly Wilkins has to be one of the nicest and raddest dudes on and off the bike. Life long Peaty fan and Brendan's partner in crime.

The North and South for some time were close allies as they rode together on the same team but in 2016 the rivalry is back.

This is Peaty last Orders
Sam Dale doing some landscaping down south.

Today the long unanswered question of who reigns supreme in the UK, a global MTB issue left unaddressed for decades will now be answered, who shall rain supreme? This Is Peaty, North Vs South lays this question to rest.

This is Peaty last Orders
"Make it talk!!!"

Steve and Brendan were tasked with bringing together their all-star teams to represent the north and south. Pitted against each other in 7 challenges over 2 days it came down to the wire.

This is Peaty last Orders
Matt Hockers boosting for the north.

From downing pints to tearing up loam and tug of war. #LastOrders brings together an all-star line up of the UK’s best riders to battle it out on the frontlines of the Surrey Hills.

This is Peaty last Orders
Jono Jones, straight out of retirement and getting airborne.

So sit back, turn up the volume and Let the games commence!

This is Peaty last Orders

This is Peaty last Orders

This is Peaty last Orders

This is Peaty last Orders
At the end of the day it was all love, not war.

This is Peaty last Orders
One Happy British Family

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Produced by Steel City Media, presented by Monster Energy, supported by ENVE and Lizard Skins

All images: Jacob Gibbins


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