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More on the Bronson2nd APR 2013


Bike Magazine's Seb Kemp has been the only person outside of Santa Cruz Bicycle's inner circle to have extensively ridden the Bronson. Since last September Kemp was riding one of the raw metal, raw design mules and since December he has spent time on a pre-production, carbon fiber version. Somewhere between those two bikes a radical change was made to the Bronson.

The story behind the Bronson is more interesting than that of most bikes because during the early stages of prototype testing, 650b wheels reared their head and made Santa Cruz Bicycles take a long, hard look at the actual benefits of the middle wheel size.

One thing that this behind-the-scenes look has given Bike Magazine is an intimate look at how a bike goes from raw, rideable concept to full-blown finished product. This is the personal account of one rider's struggle to accept the new wheels and the story of an entire company trying to make the right choice.

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