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Sat 13th JuneSun 14th JuneCycle Highlands Ltd Aberdeenshire Santa Cruz Juliana Sat 27th JuneSun 28th JunePedal and Spoke Peaslake Santa Cruz Juliana
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Privateer Scott Mears Checks In2nd JUN 2010

May is upon us and the first round of the world cup is here. This is the real head turner moment when there are new sponsors on the scene, new setups, new attitudes and new riders.

Maribor has been used quite a few times over the years and consistently since 2007 so the venue is well prepared for a race and the weather is usually good...

Santa Cruz Privateer- Scott Mears

I had just missed out on the top 80 overall last year by 11 places so practise is down too a minimal as the top 80 rank from each race get 2 hours extra practise a day!
We arrived in Maribor late on the Wednesday night so we had all day Thursday to walk track, setup pits and get to know the famous surroundings once again.

Santa Cruz Privateer- Scott Mears

Santa Cruz Privateer- Scott Mears

Friday practise came and after on/off rain on the Thursday we knew it was going to be a wet one. I went up first practise run with dry tires on as I am always optimistic, It was a terrible decision as there was an inch of grease all over the track, spikes it was and when I went for second run I was glad I had tried dries because it made me appreciate the grip so much.

Santa Cruz Privateer- Scott Mears

Santa Cruz Privateer- Scott Mears

Day 1 was over and I was happy with all my lines, setups and feelings throughout the day. I got up on the Saturday morning pretty ill as had a mega bad cold coming on. Never the less I got up there for two practise runs as qualifiers were up next.

Sat at the top ready for my qualifier I was so nervous but I never normally am, I calmed myself down and took some deep breaths ready for the run ahead, the buzzer went and I was off, I come through the finish line in 52nd place and then only a further 4 people bettered me so I qualified in 56th. Well happy giving the super tough and energy sapping conditions.

I had some good food and a recovery drink shortly after qualifying so I was ready for racing on Sunday. I woke up Sunday morning still feeling really ill but I had to get on with the job. Practise had been cut short due too bad weather so everyone only done 1 practise run. I went too top and Gazzy b had a turbo trainer up there waiting for me. I done 8 minutes on the turbo trainer and I was sat on the start line, minute gaps in finals so there's plenty of time to take it all in.

I was off. Constantly thinking too myself I had too make this one count, I had a pretty clean top section, a fast middle and a super loose bottom, I knew I had to have it open in order to put in a result. I come through the finish strong and put in a 50th place result.

Top 50 was my realistic target for this season with top 40 being my ideal. I was so stoked with this position due too the poor weather and being pretty ill, bring on round 2 fort William!

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