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SPS announces team line up for 20117th JAN 2011

Friday 10th December marked an historic day in British Downhill mountain biking. On this day, at Sheffield Hallam University, the most successful downhiller of all time announced the very first line up of his very own team.

Yes, this was the day that Steve Peat, or Doctor Steve Peat as they know him at the University, announced the 2011 line up of the ground breaking Steve Peat Syndicate team.

Launched at Fort William in June, the all-new team offers its riders, all of which are amateurs, a pro-level set up with support, guidance and training from the big man himself.

Managed by British National Masters DH Champion, Tristan Tunstall, the team includes thirteen riders of all ages and levels of experience, from Youth to Veteran categories and, to keep the boys in check, also features a female rider all the way from New Zealand.

Meeting on the 10th for this very first team ‘away day’ at Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sport and Exercise Science, the riders immediately got to know each other as well as meet the team of support staff from both the University and the SPS ‘backroom’, from Sports Scientists and Personal Trainers to SPS Marketing and press support staff.

Welcomed by Steve and Tristan, the new team soon found their stride and actively took part in a series of classroom sessions covering subjects from the SPS ethos, aims and goals to social media and press training.

However, the team’s main aim is to ride bikes fast and to have a lot of fun doing it so after a couple of hours in the classroom it was time to get active!

After a quick change of clothes, the riders were taken to the University’s extensive sports testing facilities where they were put to work testing out their bodyweight and composition, power outputs and balance as well as being taught the importance and relevance of each test in becoming a world class rider.

Following that and just as they thought it was time for a rest and some lunch, in entered Dave.

Dave Hembrough is the strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam’s Centre for Sport and Exercise Science and what followed proved to the riders once and for all just what being a top downhill racer needs - motivation, dedication and supreme physical fitness. Dave made them work!

Joined by Steve, the whole team spent the next hour being worked hard in the gym. From Yoga to power exercises and plyometrics, they were taken through all the basic exercises needed to prepare the mind and body for the rigors of downhill racing. Despite the hard work, fun was had all round with Dave and Peaty leading the way and bringing the SPS sense of fun to even the most demanding of training.

Sweaty, aching and clutching their pre-season workout plans, the next part of the day got the riders ready to roll again as they made their way over to the now world famous Warncliffe Woods for the really fun part, riding Santa Cruz bikes with their new team boss and MTB legend, Steve Peat.

How do you follow that? Well, a visit to one of Sheffield’s finest curry houses followed by 10-pin bowling is how. With the curry calories firmly burnt off the following day by hitting Wharncliffe’s finest downhill runs, the team bonding was well and truly underway.

"We had an amazing first couple of days together" said Peaty

"It was great to get all the guys together here at Sheffield Hallam University, a place so instrumental in my own training and development, to help kick start their racing with SPS"

"The ten pin bowling certainly also showed what a competitive bunch we have on our hands and we had a great time" he added.

"We ride bikes and it has to be fun but ask any successful pro-rider and they’ll all tell you the same. To be the best you need the right training, the right support and the right set up too. That’s what we’re offering with SPS and I’m sure this bunch of guys will progress and get even faster over the coming months"

"I can’t wait!"

So the Steve Peat Syndicate is go. The team is picked. The training is underway and the world of downhill racing in the UK has a new name on the start line. 2011 is going to be one hell of a year!

Let us introduce you to the 2011 Steve Peat Syndicate Downhill team sponsored by Santa Cruz and Royal Clothing:

  • Tristan Tunstall – 35 - Team Manager and British Masters DH Champion 2010
  • Jenny Beesley – 27 - Senior Women
  • Billy Matthews – 16 - Youth
  • Josh Lewis – 17 - Junior
  • Jack Read – 16 - Junior
  • Nathan Vials – 20 - Expert
  • Ally Simpson – 40 - Veteran
  • Ben Humphries – 16 - Junior
  • Chris Griffiths – 30 - Master
  • Dale Russell – 20 - Expert
  • Freddie Oxley – 15 - Junior
  • Michael Vickers – 25 - Seniorv >
  • Tom Kelly – 25 – Expert
  • Steve Peat – 36 - Elite

Find out more about each rider and get in touch with the Steve Peat Syndicate today at www.stevepeatsyndicate.com

instagram @santacruzbicycles_uk