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This Is Peaty Season 3 Episode 52nd SEP 2014

It’s time for another dose of This is Peaty and Episode 5 in the series. After taking a few trips to see the new track in Switzerland being built it was time for Peaty to get racing on it, a few slips a slides in the mud meant that he lost out on the win to Brendan Fairclough but the track is going to be prime for a race in the coming years. Heading to Mont Sainte Anne for the 15th or maybe 16th time Peaty was spent some time in the pits on the spanners and made sure that Marshy was kept in brews whilst working on the bikes.

This Is Peaty Series 3 Episode 5

This Is Peaty Series 3 Episode 5

This Is Peaty Series 3 Episode 5

After a crash in practice Steve nailed his knee and ripped up most of his mechanic Tom’s riding wardrobe! One of those day’s for Peaty but with rain on the way it could all change. Quali in MSA didn’t go to plan with a crash after Steve’s back wheel skipped out of a berm but Josh held it together and landed 1st place in quali. Steve landed 21st for this one in MSA but it was Josh who took the best place for the Syndicate just behind Hill in 2nd

Onto Windham and after Josh showed off his offroad driving skills it’s down to business. With one line for most of the track and some of the tech up top being taken out this was going to be a fast one!

This Is Peaty Series 3 Episode 5

This Is Peaty Series 3 Episode 5

After Kathy Sessler cooked up the Syndicate’s summer Christmas dinner and that ended in the team getting a bit rowdy it was on to the race. Steve flatted in quali and it was time to refocus for the race, Josh stuck it to the rest of the field and took the win in qualifying again, the Rat is on fire! Steve didn;t have the best run but again it was down to Josh, Gwin came across the line and said that he want pinned with a perfect run, anyone beating him would have deserved it, that’s what he told his team anyway. So what could Ratboy do? He could win that’s what and by 1.7s on the shortest track of the year!

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