Tallboy / XC 29er - 100mm Travel

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When Tallboy first launched, it wiped the floor with everything in its category. Most 29ers of the time had the geometry and suspension performance of an economy airline seat, and the industry knew it.

Tallboy was awarded "Bike of the Year" time after time, changing the perception of what a 29" wheel mountain bike was capable of. What we initially thought would be a niche marathon bike turned out to be a killer all-around trail bike.

The balanced geometry created a solid package that didn't need meddling with for over four years.

And still doesn't. Kind of.

The geometry of Tallboy2 remains true to the original. However, we've fine-tuned the shock rate, improved pedaling efficiency, increased stiffness and reduced weight to make this Don of 29 the kind of sequel Francis Ford Coppola would approve of.

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Frame Features

  • 100mm travel VPP suspension
  • 29" wheels
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • 142mm rear axle spacing
  • 2x bottle cage mounts
  • Forged upper and lower links
  • Double sealed pivots with grease ports for low maintenance
  • Collet axle pivots and angular contact bearings maximize stiffness
  • Standard or Direct Mount rear derailleur option
  • Direct Mount front derailleur for precision placement
  • Stealth and external seatpost cable routing
  • 73mm threaded BB: creak-free riding and easy installation
  • Molded rubber frame protection

Tech Data




Frame Geometry Measurement Diagram
Tallboy 2 Geometry
Based on 521mm axle-crown
Frame SizeTop Tube Length*Seat Tube Length**Seat Tube AngleHead TubeHead Tube AngleBB HeightWheelbaseChainstay LengthStandover HeightReachStack
S 21.9" 16.5" 72.3° 3.5" 70.2° 13" 41.7" 17.5" 28.2" 14.2" 24"
M 23.1" 17.5" 72.4° 3.9" 70.2° 13" 43" 17.5" 28.2" 15.4" 24.4"
L 24.1" 18.5" 72.4° 3.9" 70.2° 13" 44" 17.5" 28.7" 16.4" 24.4"
XL 25.1" 20" 72.4° 4.3" 70.2° 13" 45" 17.5" 29.5" 17.3" 24.8"

* Effective top tube
** Seat Tube length measured from center of BB to top of seat tube

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Note: 15mm forks are not compatible with D build kits.

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approx weight: 213

note: weights are approximate


What kind of front derailleur do I need?

The Tallboy requires a "High Direct Mount", top pull front derailleur. Both SRAM and Shimano make models that work.

Can I put a dropper post on the Tallboy?

Yes, the Tallboy 2 has routing for both Stealth and externally routed dropper post lines.

Can I mount a chainguide on my Tallboy Aluminum?

Yes, the Tallboy Al was designed to easily accept a BB mount chainguide. For a more XC setup, you can use top-only guides like the MRP 1x or e13 XCX. For full chainguidance, we recommend the MRP Lopes guide, MRP Mini G SL, or E13 LG1 TR.

What size fork should I use on the Tallboy?

The Tallboy was designed around 100-120mm forks- and will handle best in one of these configurations.

Can I use 2x10 cranks with this frame?

Yes, the Tallboy Aluminum will accept most any crank on the market from major manufacturers. Sram XX will work, but you must use the standard Q-factor version of the cranks (166mm).

What is the largest tire that will fit?

We never like to make promises here, as tire dimensions vary so much, but pretty much any 2.35" tire will work. The WTB 2.55 Weirwolf LT fits with plenty of room. We designed the frame with significant tire and mud clearance- the front derailleur cage is actually the thing that keeps you from putting super mondo tires on there.

What size shock is on the Tallboy?

All frame sizes use a 6.5" x 1.5" (165x38mm) shock.
Mounting hardware on both ends is 22mm wide (21.84mm to be exact), with an 8mm through hole.

I would like to use a different shock on the Tallboy, can I do that?

Yes, the shock is a very common size, and there are plenty of other models on the market that will fit.

Can I use a quick release seat collar?

Absolutely. The frame takes a standard 34.9mm seat collar, so there are plenty of quick releases that will fit. Our favorite, of course, is our own. You can purchase it on our online shop

Are there water bottle mounts?

Yes. All frame sizes have two bottle mounting locations. One on top of the downtube, and another underneath for longer rides. Custom aluminum mounting bolts are included with the frame.

What size seatpost does it use?

The Tallboy uses a 30.9mm post. Make sure it is always inserted a minimum of 100mm into the frame.

What is the largest rear brake rotor that I can use?


What kind of cranks can I use?

We use a standard 73mm bb shell, so pretty much any cranks you want will fit on there. Just make sure your crankset has a 50mm chainline, and you are good to go.

It looks like the lower link is off center in my frame- is everything ok?

Yes- this is correct. With our newer pivot system, the pivot axle draws the link over to one side in order to properly preload the bearings. This offset is accounted for in the frame design so everything ends up nice and straight in the end.

What kind of headset will I need for my Tallboy?

This bike uses a tapered headset- which have many different configurations these days. Ours uses a standard (external) 1.5" lower cup, and a semi-integrated 1 1/8" upper. The semi-integrated upper headset is a pretty standard size these days- we use the 44mm ID standard.

As all of us frame manufacturers seem to be using slightly different configurations with tapered headtubes, these headsets are custom items. We will offer options from Chris King and Cane Creek in our kits, and also as an option with your frame purchase.