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700c / 26"

UCI World Cup Round 1 Pietermaritzburg28th APR 2011

Round 1 world cup has sprung for 2011 and after a much anticipated season to come going back the kwa Zulu natal region for another world cup was not high in many peoples priorities due to the pedally nature of the track,
This year the track had changed quite abit making the track about 20 seconds longer and a lot of the usual wooded section being felled making for an even longer looking pedal.

I really enjoy this course in practise and as a lot of people do is there is some of the biggest jumps in the circuit on this course and some of the highest speeds, the track was mega rutted up from a wet race there the weekend before but after a little bit of moto style grading the track was back to sweetness

First day of practise went super good then after a crash in qualifying but still getting through in 68th position I was keen to get up to pace for race runs.
A few cool race runs on the Saturday with DH Danny Hart were done with a few send-a-trons getting hit, ask fraser mcglone about this.

Finals day was on us with two practise runs in the bag on the morning the 35 degree cee was getting to a lot of riders, a concoction of enery/electrolyte drinks where mixed ready for the top and concentration was high priority with a 4 and half minute track ahead.

Race run went really well I felt strong motivated and happy to be there, coming into the finish I knocked a suspension centre rider out of the seat and took place there myself for a couple of riders. Finished up in 61st place and not a bad way to start the season of 2011 with a top 40 aim set in my sights this, by far the worst track for my style I was happy to take a top 80 and extra practise to fort william in 5 weeks.

Thanks to everyone who got me out the and kept me happy, DC Carla and the gang

All the best

instagram @santacruzbicycles_uk